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Illuminated Channel Letters are an ideal choice for high profile signage applications. Every set of channel letters is custom designed and manufactured to compliment the building’s existing architecture. The light source we use led now only.

Cabinet signs offer a traditional and economical means of showcasing your business. Cabinet signs allow for a variety of construction designs from simple plastic faces to metal faces with push-thru letters. These signs are good for both interior and exterior applications.

Digital Printing Signs are the most commonly used sign types today. Often replacing the tradition hand-painted signs, they can be used in many different types of signs, such as indoor and outdoor signage. Adding to their popularity is the fantastic color range. You can select from a mass of solid colors, reflective, fluorescent, metallic’s, translucent, and more. Digital Prints are also available with permanent and removable adhesives.

Establish a professional image and stand out from the competition with building signs from Popular Sign. We’ll incorporate your logo, colors and graphics into building signs that match your message and brand identity to the surrounding environment. High-visibility building signs make it easy for people to find you, and then find where they need to go on your property, both inside and out.

Display stands, also known as sign holders, poster displays or literature stands, come in assorted sizes and heights in pedestal, rotating, or vertical styles. Indoor or outdoor, free standing display stands are a wise business investment for drawing sales traffic into your establishment. Inexpensive, portable and versatile, floor display stands are among the most cost-effective and efficient promotional tools in your retail advertising tool kit today.

Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) are computerized programmable electronic visual communication devices designed for an outside environment. EMCs are capable of storing and displaying different images and formats that can be programmed to show for different durations of time. Electronic Message Centers will allow you to change your message often, but without the added cost of replacing physical sign parts, letters or any cost of labor in changing your sign. They are completely programmable and can even change automatically depending on the time of day. Electronic Message Center cabinets are designed to withstand the elements like rain, snow and sunlight. The ultra-bright LEDs allow the sign to still be seen in the sunlight and make it an effective marketing tool during all hours of the day.

Banners are durable, portable and affordable ways to display your message. Signs N More offers you banners in all sizes and colors with vinyl lettering. Your company or personal logo or colored picture can be placed on any size banner you would like. We have produced thousands of banners over the years for customers who return year after year with more orders.
While custom sized banners are available, some of the most common sizes are;
3’ x 6’, 4’ x 10’, 3’ x 8’, 5’ x 20’, 4’ x 15’.
The most popular colors are Yellow, White, Black, Red, Blue and Green.

Monument signs are an impressive way to communicate permanence and stability. If your organization intends to stand the test of time, your exterior sign should, as well. You can choose from our wide array of monument sign designs or we could design one especially for you. As with any product you purchase from Popular Sign, you’ll be able to enjoy reasonable prices, quick turnaround and excellent customer service in addition to the perfect sign for your organization.

The Neon Signs form colored lines with which a text can be written or a picture drawn, including various decorations, especially in advertising. By deciding the sequences of switching parts on and off there are many possibilities for dynamic light patterns which form animated and fun-to-look-at images. Because of its long life span, low maintenance, and range of color choices, neon is perfect for architectural lighting, theatrical sets and commercial displays as well as many other applications in the commercial arts.

At Popular Sign, we have a large selection of outdoor light poles and light fixtures, which includes metal halide, high pressure sodium ballast and light bulbs. We have a parking lot lighting application suitable for any kind of parking lots around you locality. With a choice of shoebox, cobra head or flood light fixtures.

Pylon Signs are a very visible and professional way to extend your “storefront” out as far as the nearest road. These signs can be backlit using neon or LED systems, and are easy to update once they are built.

Vinyl lettering designs will transform your home into your family’s gathering place. Decorate your home with our beautiful and affordable vinyl lettering wall phrases and art. It is the newest home decor trend. It can completely transform a room because it looks like it was painted or stenciled on, without all that work. Our vinyl is removable and comes pre-spaced for easy application.